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Sarabjeet Singh


Faseeulla .S


Slurp Cooking and Culinary Studio aims to bring together people from all walks of life that share a common love for food.

Whether you're trying to get a foothold in the culinary industry or you're just looking to whip up a delicious home-cooked meal, we're here to demystify the whole process for you.

Our Chefs
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Bhandavya Gowda

Thank u so much Chefs :) this was the happiest month of 2020! The excitement of learning something new everyday and the knowledge we acquired was tremendous. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every moment at the studio:) wish it didn't end so soon!

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Being at Slurp was such a beautiful experience, the amount of knowledge that I have gained in this one month has been amazing, learning from Chef Fussy was so cool and I got an insight to so many things about food and I learnt how to learn more, thank you so much chefs, I’m extremely grateful to you for having me at Slurp, lots of love. Thank you once again, it was a beautiful one month. Can’t wait to be back at the studio!



If you want to learn the art of cooking then Slurp Studio is the perfect place.
Chef Fussy and Chef Sarabjeet know how to make good scientists & artists as we all know Cooking is an Art and Baking is Science.
Art is to make an Incredible Dish from basic ingredients that are available anywhere and that is the mantra of Chefs at Slurp.
Not only cooking and baking but you will learn the History of Ingredients, where they came from, in which era and by whom.
Thanks to Chef Sarabjeet and Chef Fussy to make me believe that Food has the ability to create our dreams into reality.


Elvis Davis 

I have never stepped into the kitchen and was always curious about cooking.
I had taken up the 100 hour with Chef Fazi and Chef Sarab (they are soo friendly) and my other my other batch mates, such lovelies. . We got to learn the basics of what goes into the science of cooking which is very very important for me. We have learnt many cuisines.. Turkish, Italian, Chinese, breads, soups, sauces, etc.

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