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Neelima Jhavar

I attended my first ever cooking course in Slurp Studio and I absolutely loved it, I was able to learn different cooking techniques, with each class being more exciting and fulfilling than the last.

Chef Faseeulla and Chef Sarabjeet are very experienced and have some great experience to share.They don't only teach you how to cook particular cuisine but also break down the cuisine,culture,langauge and make it more interesting.

The recipes were amazing and they taught really well, it was enjoyable experience of practical classes.

It takes really great passion and vision to set up such a beautiful place as Slurp studio.

Those who are looking for career in food industry or loves cooking can definetly go for the courses here. Slurp studio is an amazing place to learn cooking.

Whitney Schutterle

Slurp Studio is a phenomenal place and I would highly recommend visiting. The kitchen has great decorations and trinkets that make it an original and a welcoming area. Not only does the place look great but the chefs are amazing! Chef Sarab and chef Fasee created wonderful dishes and welcomed questions. They are very considerate of allergies and degrees of spiciness. Their passion and love for food is inspirational, which makes them great teachers

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From start to finish, Farsi and Sarab were incredible teachers and hosts! When I reached out to Slurp, they responded quickly and professionally and were willing to work with our schedule.

The location is beautiful with a unique design, helping to create a wonderful atmosphere for a good time. Their knowledge and understanding of the 'facts' of cooking are without a doubt unparalleled, but what I valued more was their insight and personal perspectives of the philosophy of cooking.

We cooked a delicious dinner, learned much about local ingredients and dishes, and made some wonderful memories. We will definitely be back!

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Had the best time attending the pasta making workshop last month. Slurp studio is a beautiful space and you can literally feel the love and passion for food the owners/chefs have! The same is translated to the way they teach you to cook seemingly complicated dishes in such simple ways. The chefs make you feel comfortable, confident and never intimidating. It feels like I can cook too! Thank you for being so generous and not just with you time but your space and ingredients as well. I've been making yummy pastas ever since, thanks to the chefs/owners.

P. S. Carry boxes to carry some pasta back home

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Sandhya Maliakal

It was everything we had hoped it would be and we couldn't have been in better hands! Sarabjeet and Fassee undoubtedly are veterans when it comes to curating a culinary experience and we're sure we'll be carrying out plenty more engagements at Slurp! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


Tove Moulton

Our HR team went for a team-building evening hosted at Slurp Studio, and I can firmly say it was the best team building event I have ever been too. The chefs were incredible and enabled us to prepare and cook an Italian Fusion menu. We were a group of about 20 and every single person had a fantastic time. Thanks to the team at Slurp- we will definitely be back!!

Abhishek MN

Slurp studio is very niche start up at one of the most popular parts of bangalore... The concept thrives on creativity and this place was not an option to skip for Adobe folks... The place is very rustic and makes u feel comfort at ease.. Chefs and sous chefs were amazing.. Big shout out to Sarabjeet for having this organised for our team... Its a must try if your eating savvy and like to explore culinary art... Thank you Slurrp Studio for everything..


Nitin Seth

I went to Slurp Studio for a Valentine's Day cookout and I absolutely loved the concept. What I really liked was that the dishes we cooked were exotic and yet so simple to prepare. The dinner turned out fab with a 5 course meal and a nice candle lite dinner at the roof top. The studio is done up extremely well and the staff is great fun to work with. I would definitely recommend this place to others and go back to this place for more cookouts.


Avijot Singh

Omg, it's been the best sunday of my 10 months in Bangalore. The way Chef Sarabjeet handles the session is just awesome. Like truly, a must visit place for all food lovers. And your first experience itself will be enough to teach you what culinary actually means.

Ps- If you're ready to starve yourself for a night or so, do that and the experience will be like heaven on earth.(As food tastes the best when you're empty stomach)

Warning- The food is awesomely delicious and mouthwatering. You might end up eating your fingers too!!

And it's worth mentioning that his assistant Kuresh is the coolest guy I've ever met. He treats you more like a family member,taking care of you and teaching you at every step while the session is in vogue.

I experienced true hospitality today.


Dipti Varma Narain

Fantastic Food! When people are passionate about food and cooking, it shows! Fasi and Sarab do an absolute fabulous job of treating their visitors as guests and pamper them with only the best quality food! Kudos to you two! More pop ups please!!

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