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Six Week Pre-Professional
Course in Food & Cooking 

What is a Pre-Professional Course?


In a sense, this is a foundational course in Food & Cooking. The six weeks pre-professional course is a much shortened version of our nine month professional course, covering the basics of: kitchen equipment management, understanding ingredients, food preparation, relevant techniques & trends, etc.

What are the key learning objectives?


- To practically understand various culinary techniques.

- To cook & learn the basics of key global cuisines.

- To recognise global local and regional ingredients, and how to optimally use them.

- To identify best practices when managing a kitchen; commercial or home.

- To grasp essential scientific principles that are used in everyday food preparation                                                              

Who is this course for?


- For those who want to understand food and cooking better, without committing themselves to a long-term, expensive professional degree.

- For the serious food hobbyist.

- For someone who is unsure if they’d like to professionally train as a chef, and would prefer a short-term course to test their interest in the field.

- For beginners in the kitchen who want to learn the A-Z of cooking and managing their kitchen in a matter of weeks.

- For those who would like to know food to blog about.

-For those, who's looking at a career in the FnB industry through quick programme.

Course Syllabus 

 Week 1:

Introduction to cookery, understanding food, impacts of food on the planet, introduction to ingredients and condiments, sustainable cooking, kitchen equipment. Touch and feel ingredients.

Basics of kitchen Hygiene, basic cooking techniques, equipment knowledge & knife skills, demonstration of vegetable cuts, the right way to chop herbs, demonstration and hands on- Stock making (white stock, brown stock, fish stock, Sea food stock and Asian stocks, Indian stocks.)

French cuisine basics, French menus & cooking techniques, soups, salads and French dressing.


Week 2:

Italian Cuisine basics: Understanding Italian Cuisine, the cooking techniques, Italian ingredients, pasta making, hand crafting pasta, pasta sauces, meat cuts, cooking of red meat, sea food and poultry, salad and dressings, understanding fats and oils, pizza making, Wine basics and cheese tasting and manufacture process.

Week 3:

Chinese Cuisine: Understanding Chinese ingredients, cooking techniques, wok tossed dishes, stir frying, steaming sea food, making simple Chinese dishes the right way, organising a Chinese kitchen, understanding Chinese condiments and learning table sauces. Using the wok and the cleaver.

Week 4:

Thai and Vietnamese Cuisine: Making Thai menus, understanding Thai ingredients, cooking techniques, Thai condiments, Thai curry paste, stir frying, soups, cooking rice and noodles, unique cooking techniques, understanding amalgamation of Thai flavours.

Week 5:

Indian Cuisine: Leaning the regions of Indian cookery, Indian ingredients, masalas, role of ingredients, gravies, pulao and biryani, kabab and tandoor cooking, Indian breakfast, lamb and poultry cookery, Fish & sea food cookery, Lentils & breads.

Week 6:

Spanish Cuisine: Spanish Ingredients, cooking techniques, Tapas, Pintxo / Pinchos, Paella, handling poultry, sausage making, curing of meats, smoking sea food, BBQ, introduction to Mediterranean, Turkish and Greek cuisine.



Sushil dwarkanath 

FAseeulla saifulla 

Sarabjeet singh 


Date -10th October - 23th November 2022

Cost 1,20,000/- all inclusive 

Includes 1 Chef Coat, knife set &  student journal

Access to Library, Guest lecture sessions, market visit sessions, 

Assist on private gourmet dinners, events and pop ups.

Monday  to Friday 
Time- 10 AM to 4 PM
for more info on the Course, feel free to visit us OR call us at
+91 9916580506


Apply here

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